Our music lab is always busy, we can not stop for a moment on seeing our musical ideas come true. We are forging new music day by day, but we don’t show always immediately the finished songs, because… well, we have our reasons:) We are working on more projects at the time, some of them together, some of them separately. First of all, our greatest shot is our progressive rock concept album, what we call at the moment “The Music box project”, but later the main title of the album could be something else. The tracks from this album will be just together available, because of the strong coherence between them. Currently we are working on the third track of this album and we have another five to do, so it will takes time to be finished. In the meantime we have our side projects too,  Slinky with his new project the Maranti , Alexandrex with his new video, the Drummatic world and I have my own business too with a new Rap/R&B collaboration featuring a talented american rapper.

           “Hit it hard!”  The story behind this particular song is about the Eurovision song contest. That was Slinky’s idea, he wrote the music, and  sent it to me, asking what do I think about it. I thought it’s a good idea, and the song was good too, so I wrote the lyrics and we started to record all the stuff for the track. The song was made by Slinky, Alexandrex and me, Alex with the drums, Slinky Guitar and Bass and I’ve made the vocals, the synth parts and as usual, the mixing. We’ve made a lyrics video too, and here is the song itself. Enjoy it:)


We hit harder!
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