We’ve been very busy lately with the vocal recordings to our upcoming album, and we have a lot of work ahead of us with the mixing, and with all the track replacements we are planning to do in the songs. Since we have our private jobs and lives, things go slow sometimes, and as humble musicians, we are almost never satisfied with our results. That is the reason why we have been working on our first full album since 2015, and planning to release it in 2018. We all learned a lot during this huge work, and despite the fact, that we were ready with all the recordings, we still decided to replace some early tracks. Some of them with better gear, some because the more experience we’ve earned since the first version, and most of them because of the better insight we have into the concept of the whole album, now that all the songs are near complete. We really want this album to be a whole story, a whole experience, and the eight tracks to blend perfectly with each other, to flow like a river, pulling down the listener to this mostly dark, but still colorful and exciting realm we created. We had a wonderful journey as we created the story and the musical world of “Music box”, and we would like to translate these feelings  as well as possible to our listeners. We know no compromise if it’s about our music. It’s still a long way to go, until you can actually listen to our album, but when we finally release it, it will be our best. The story based progressive rock concept album called Music box is coming next year. Stay tuned.


A big hug to all of you!


Something big is coming…
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