We are working together since December 2014, but we’ve never met until this week. Kind of weird, isn’t it?
My friends are always asking me, how can a band exist, produce songs, make decisions without any personal meeting. Well, that’s a bit complicated. Obviously, this can not work in a 100% democratic way. It needs a leader, and that also means responsibility and more work. Always actualising the band’s website, getting in touch with the music distributor, checking the social media accounts, sharing new content, it sounds just exhausting, but I really enjoy this side of our work. And most of the time we consult, and we make all the important decisions together. Thanks to the Internet, this works even if we live in separate Countries. But as time goes by, the wish to meet in person became a will, and then reality.
After two years long collaboration and common work the day of the first meeting has come this week. Finally.


                      It was a dreamlike experience to shook Slinkys hand for the first time, and we’ve spent a great week together, like the three Musketeers, discussing lots of important questions about our future plans, making photos together, and we made the greatest step ever since our band has formed: we’ve started to record our first music video, for the upcoming single called “Constant change”. Now we understand better than ever, that our destiny is to make music together. Three creative minds with such a different color but still ticking on the same frequency. Sometimes I have the feeling that we can read each other’s mind. It’s just awesome.
We still have lots of work to do until we finish the music video, but the single itself comes in a couple of weeks so prepare yourselves to a brand new Athmossmusic song, which already predicts the upcoming album’s mood.

Photo and video shooting session
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