Something big is coming…

We’ve been very busy lately with the vocal recordings to our upcoming album, and we have a lot of work ahead of us with the mixing, and with all the track replacements we are planning to do in the songs. Since we have our private jobs and lives, things go slow sometimes, and as humble musicians, we are almost never satisfied with our results. That is the reason why we have been working on our first full album since 2015, and planning to release it in 2018. We all learned a lot during this huge work, and despite the fact, that we were ready with all the recordings, we still decided to replace some early tracks. Some of them with better gear, some because the more experience we’ve earned since the first version, and most of them because of the better insight we have into the concept of the whole album, now that all the songs are near complete. We really want this album to be a whole story, a whole experience, and the eight tracks to blend perfectly with each other, to flow like a river, pulling down the listener to this mostly dark, but still colorful and exciting realm we created. We had a wonderful journey as we created the story and the musical world of “Music box”, and we would like to translate these feelings  as well as possible to our listeners. We know no compromise if it’s about our music. It’s still a long way to go, until you can actually listen to our album, but when we finally release it, it will be our best. The story based progressive rock concept album called Music box is coming next year. Stay tuned.


A big hug to all of you!


ATHMOSSMUSIC – “CONSTANT CHANGE” -SleepingBagStudios review

Great review, from our friend, Jer@SBS, from Canada:

“Always excellent to see things continually getting better for an artist!  In Athmoss’ case, it doesn’t just get better each time we run into him and his music – it gets bigger too.  Bigger in the sense that when we started covering his music in early 2015 it was under his own solo name of Athmoss…later on in that same year it became Slinky-Athmoss as the project continued to expand…and now here we are almost two full years later and it’s now a full-on band creating & recording songs as Athmossmusic.  Undeniably, his music must be picking up amongst the people out there because it really does seem to actually be physically picking up the people and putting them into the band as well; Slinky is still around with Athmoss at the helm of the project…depending on which website you hit-up on social-media, you’ll also find drummer Alexandrex listed…and possibly Stryfer on bass…again…depending on which site you look at *cough *cough – consistency boys!  But you get the idea…Athmossmusic is an expanded form of the vision Athmoss began long ago…a project that has either doubled in size since last we checked in or at the very least, grown by a third!  One way or the other, “Constant Change” is definitely a theme that runs behind the music just as much as within it, or so it seems when it comes to the tales of Athmoss.

Experience certainly counts for something.  Whether it’s the time spent working on the music of Athmossmusic or my own time spent listening to it progress over the years – it gives you that extra amount of insight and knowledge that, when pushing play on the new single “Constant Change” you instantly hear the bolder more confident mix, approach and sound in addition to what I’d consider to be even a more matured writing & execution.  At this point in his career, Athmoss has spent more than enough time testing the waters and I think you can tell from “Constant Change” that that time is over.  Whether it’s the more refined mix, the added strength from the new-life in the band or the material itself – I really believe you can hear a different side of Athmoss here that we’ve yet to experience.

On keyboards and providing the lead-vocals, Athmoss leads the way through a mysterious journey in sound that possesses a haunting atmosphere colliding with downward-progressions in the tone of the vocal-flow that fit this tune extremely well.  Smartly placed harmonies in the bold & powerful chorus – love the way it launches into the guitars from Slinky once it’s done and also think the song comes back arguably even stronger into the second verse with the added effects & filters on Athmoss’ vocals.  There are great decisions being made in the foreground and background of the recording that keep the song moving at an entertaining and increasingly-intense pace…the execution is sound and I felt like they’ve all really brought their best instincts and skills to each moment.  Maybe…maybe if anything…Athmoss might want to look at moments like the storm of the ending to break a bit more free from the rhythm & tone he’s working so well with the explode and expand with the energy of the music – but…I wouldn’t say anything he’s doing right now on “Constant Change” doesn’t match; it all works really well.  Just a thought for the future that may/may-not come in handy…if the change is constant and all, I figure a few suggestions can’t hurt right?

That’s the bottom line though…anything I’d say in critique would only be a mere suggestion – I think this new single is a great example of things going completely in the right direction for Athmoss and this band certainly doesn’t need my two-cents anyhow!  “Constant Change” impressed me for each part being written with real strength in sound, ideas and execution…it moves through hook-after-hook very cleverly and is tied together excellently through solid instrumentation part-to-part.  So don’t get me wrong – they definitely get the ol’ thumbs-up from me this time around.  As far as an atmosphere in a song goes…I always look for material that can take me right out of my own world and into that of another artist’s or band’s – and I really believe that’s what you get here with “Constant Change.”  Athmossmusic makes an impressive impact through a wild-ride & intensely-haunting song that shows this project is continually evolving and finding its way with more confidence and creativity every time.

I’d say don’t even get me started on the video but here I am already into a full sentence that mentions it…now what can I do?  Tell you what…I’ll show you – how’s that sound?  Not right now…for now you can check out the music from the embed above in the article…but soon…thinking mid-month we’ll be putting the new video for “Constant Change” from Athmossmusic in the next episode of SBS Live This Week.  Be on the lookout for that…because…well…because this is a video you’re definitely going to want to see; I don’t want to give it all away today and I’ll be sure to rant & rave about it, but let’s just say for now that the work and effort has definitely been put in, and the results are beyond spectacular.

No matter how you slice it – this is completely a step in the right direction for Athmossmusic from the audio to the visual – awesome job on “Constant Change” all-around.”

Athmossmusic – “Constant Change”

Athmossmusic: “Constant Change” – a completely different story and feel! (Jamsphere Magazine)

Posted By: Rick Jamm in Jamsphere Magazine, Fe
                     Athmossmusic is a rock band, founded in 2015, consisting of Imre Meszaros “Athmoss” (keyboardist, singer-songwriter), Antal Bosnyak “Slinky” (guitarist, singer-songwriter), and Sandor Meszaros “Alexandrex” (drums and percussion). The three-piece unit has already graced our pages with their previous releases including the Scorpions-like power ballad, “Melt The Ice”. During February Athmossmusic released their latest single, entitled “Constant Change” which marks a new chapter in their musical journey. The band, who are working on an epic concept album to be released sometime in 2018,  have switched their style more to towards the progressive rock idiom, and this single represents a teaser for their future sounds.

The song was originally written more than 10 years ago in Hungarian by Athmoss, who has now translated the track into English and revisited the arrangement with the artistic support of Slinky and Alexandrex.

The new version is a mesmerizing, spacey voyage that will lift you out of your chair and transport you to an entirely different realm, to be pushed and pulled, turned and shoved in every which way by excellent musicianship, beautiful vocals, trance-inducing synths, fiery guitars, and momentum-pushing drums that will make you forget your existence on planet earth.

Now that that may completely fail to really describe the experience of listening to “Constant Change”, but I will use two words that I think gets closest: near-perfection. This track is almost flawless. It will take more than a few listens for it to fully reveal itself, but once it does, and once you are completely transported into another state of being by this song, you will know what I’m talking about.

It’s not just a straight forward rock song that lays out everything it has to offer on the first listen with nothing else to reveal or learn; the synth ambience is what enables you to transcend everyday rock existence and visit the new Athmossmusic reality. This, my friend, is exactly what makes it so good.

Brilliant and unique, this is Athmossmusic with a completely different story and feel, than on their previous releases. The band have put together a great track that is atmospheric, artful, and explosive, without being over bombastic or pretentious, as sometimes prog-rock can be.

This music is just the right blend of progressive rock with hints of industrial electronic influences. For someone who already knows some songs from the band but wants to expand their music collection, this is a must have. These guys started out on a high note and now it looks like each new release will exceed the one before!

Athmoss – Déjà Vu: 15 years of music

 Athmoss Deja vu artwork                     My whole life is about music.When I was happy I wrote a song or I sang a happy song, and when I was sad I wrote a song or I sang a sad song. Music helped me through the hardest parts of my life. In the past 15 years I’ve written many songs about love, sadness and other feelings. But not every song was good, and not every song was made public. Some of the songs I wrote years ago now change their meaning when I sing them today and some stay the same. But all of them are little pieces of my soul. All of them have a different story. And all of them mean a lot to me.

I’m really fond of these songs because they are like tiny time capsules for me – drops of water offered to a tired pilgrim needing to drink of his memories. This is the reason that I chose 22 of them and decided to publish these as a ‘Déjà Vu’ album. Yes, ‘Déjà Vu’, not ‘Greatest Hits’, because these songs are neither great, nor hits. Some of them were not even recorded and mixed in a studio. However, each time I play one of them I feel more than nostalgia; I feel a strong feeling of déjà vu. And it’s the same feeling every time.

                  The lyrics are mostly in Hungarian, so I appreciate that it may be difficult to understand the precise meaning for a non-Hungarian listener. I do, however, strongly believe that even without a lyrical connection, music can express and communicate the complete story.


Father single review from Brett Stewart (Chicago)

Athmoss – ‘Father’ (Piano Version)

Independent Spotlight is a continuing series on Stewart’s blog. The series revolves around independent artists and bands sending their music to Brett to review. No band is promised a positive review, and all music is reviewed honestly in an effort to better independent music.

In this evening’s edition of the Independent Spotlight, I delve into Imre Meszaros’ latest tune, ‘Father.’ The independent singer songwriter works under the moniker of Athmoss, so I’ll refer to him as such throughout this piece. The track, performed entirely by Athmoss, is a tribute to his late father who passed away last year. Let’s talk about the song, and in particular, the ‘piano version’ of the release.

‘Father’ boasts stunningly beautiful instrumentation, something that accents Athmoss absolutely wonderfully. The creative decision to have sparse, but elegant instrumentation was the right one. Aside from a few sporadic string sections that rise and fall in harmony, the piece is performed entirely on piano. This leaves Athmoss in the center and focus of the piece. With such a personal, emotional tune, this was the proper composition and production choice for a variety of reasons.

Athmoss’ lyricism begins as simplistic as his instrumentation: gone are the carefree days of youth. With them, adulthood has been a bit of a mixed bag. Athmoss introspectively muses about the kind of man he is and wants to be, but remains resolute in the idea that his father was a great one. Athmoss attributes his father for inspiring him, introducing him to music, and carrying him through hard times. It’s touching, and Athmoss handles the subject matter so well, which is great, because these tracks can have their heart in the right place and still come out riddled in cliche.

Fathers, mothers, and eventual fatherhood and motherhood have produced some of the greatest songs ever. From Paul McCartney and John Lennon musing about their mothers in ‘Let it Be’ and ‘Julia’ to a modern day Kanye West partnering with the former to write a song about his own fatherhood, ‘Only One,’ parents and the act of becoming one prove poignant subject matter. Athmoss’ take on honoring his father is admirable and well executed, extending a legacy of soft, loving takes on parents in song.

We hit harder!

           Our music lab is always busy, we can not stop for a moment on seeing our musical ideas come true. We are forging new music day by day, but we don’t show always immediately the finished songs, because… well, we have our reasons:) We are working on more projects at the time, some of them together, some of them separately. First of all, our greatest shot is our progressive rock concept album, what we call at the moment “The Music box project”, but later the main title of the album could be something else. The tracks from this album will be just together available, because of the strong coherence between them. Currently we are working on the third track of this album and we have another five to do, so it will takes time to be finished. In the meantime we have our side projects too,  Slinky with his new project the Maranti , Alexandrex with his new video, the Drummatic world and I have my own business too with a new Rap/R&B collaboration featuring a talented american rapper.

           “Hit it hard!”  The story behind this particular song is about the Eurovision song contest. That was Slinky’s idea, he wrote the music, and  sent it to me, asking what do I think about it. I thought it’s a good idea, and the song was good too, so I wrote the lyrics and we started to record all the stuff for the track. The song was made by Slinky, Alexandrex and me, Alex with the drums, Slinky Guitar and Bass and I’ve made the vocals, the synth parts and as usual, the mixing. We’ve made a lyrics video too, and here is the song itself. Enjoy it:)


A band was born…

                                   I love to work with creative people. Especially when these people have the same idea about things (mostly about music) as me. In the past two years I worked with many new friends, I met new people, we made some great stuff together, and at the end I’ve found myself applying again and again to the same three person’s creativity and help on my musical visions. Why? Because they have the same passion of music, they take the music as seriously as I do, and they want to do always professional work, without compromise, no matter how much time or effort it costs. One of these three men is my brother, Alexandrex, another one is my good friend Slinky, and the third person is Stryfer,  and we’ve founded together the Athmossmusic group,  an international rock band, whose announcement we’ve timed exactly to the release of our first song “U R the 1”. The song itself is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc… for download. It is a powerful rock song written by Slinky. Of course he plays all the guitar parts:) Alexandrex plays the drums, and Stryfer the bass guitar. I have made all the vocal parts, the keys and the mixing, as usually, but the song sounds damn good for another reason.  We are all actively present at all the steps of the recording and mixing stages of the song. We have all creative ideas, and that helps a lot to achieve professional results.

This is the reason why we decided to keep on working together, but as a band: Athmossmusic


I don’t care!

              Ok, ok, I DO care:) I do always:) But the new song’s title is “I don’t care”. This track is actually not a brand new song. I wrote it a couple of years ago, and I’ve recorded it with my Yamaha PSR 910 keyboard. At that time I liked that sound even if it wasn’t professional. It had a kind of specific mood, and that was enough for me. Than the years passed by, and I felt a little bit sorry about this song. I felt like it deserved more, than an automatic arrangement from a plastic keyboard. I had the chance to remake it with some amazing talented musicians, like Alexandrex and Slinky, and it would have been a pity to miss this opportunity. This two guys really took my song to the next level.

Intercontinental “Telescopes”

Internet is a useful thing indeed. It opens a door for you. A door to an unimaginable large room. In that room I play the piano, and next to me in the same room sings the singer, who is actually thousands of miles away from me. Enchanting, isn’t it?:)

               We’ve made a new collaboration, this time an intercontinental one, with Brian Bradley. He is an artist from Minnesota. Brian is a photographer, music producer, and he has also published two books, Winter Song, and Glacier National Park. His new debut record “Odyssey” is a concept album about space, interstellar travel, love and separation, and the future of our civilization. Bradley spent the last year and a half recording and producing this collection of ten tracks. One of the featured tracks is “Telescopes”. Last week Brian sent me a message on soundcloud, asked if I would like to make a remix, or rework of this song. I said, “why not?”, and I’ve listened to the song. And it happened:) I played the piano, and somewhere, thousands of miles away he sang his song…

               More of his music, photography and visual work can be seen at