Musical trends are come and go, just the fools are following them. If somebody want to copy a style, or straight follow a trend, his music will be forgotten soon. I decided, not to follow the trends, and I am writing always what I feel, and HOW I feel.
IMG_0262                              Together with my friend, Slinky, who is an excellent guitarist, and also a singer-songwriter, and with my brother, Alex, who is an excellent drummer, designer and one of my most strict critic:), we are working on two albums at the moment. Yes, TWO! We are full of ideas and creativity, for that is simply not enough one album, ha ha:)))

                                   I’m very excited about these new albums, because one of them will be a progressive rock concept album, and the other one, a more melodic, easy rock album. A few songs are already done, and the new single “Father” also has its place on one of these albums. Just a couple of months, and we are ready:))) I will keep you up to date with the details:)

New work in progress…
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  • Peter Svorov

    Nice! I think your music is very good! Cheers:)

  • Thanks Peter!