Alexandrex              In this post I want to introduce Alexandrex, and I want to spend a word or two about his drumming environment. As Rick Jamm wrote in Jammsphere Magazine: “… the drummer Alexandrex holds it all neatly together”. It’s true. Without his beats, our music would never be the same.

As the days go by, we are going forward with our plans, we are practicing, working on new songs, we build our reputation, try to strengthen our presence in the social media. On athmossmusic’s twitter page for example we had 79K mention reach only last week, which is not bad at all, however social media hits don’t always mean active, engaged fans. People just take a look, then go forward. Our goal is to make him come back as often as they can, and for that reason we need new material. We could hurry and spam the social media with all sorts of half finished songs and less important posts and pictures, as many DIY musician does. But we chose not to.
Last week we had lots of things to do. Together with Slinky, we started to work on a brand new song, (by the way we had currently two songs in our worklab, two fresh and cool rock songs), and with my brother Alexandrex, we finished his new drum room.

          Alexandrex (Sandor Meszaros) is a very creative drummer, with mostly rock and jazz orientation, but he feels comfortable in a funk or pop environment too. His point of view is crucial for our songs, because he puts his creativity in every beat he plays, trying to avoid the cliches and make the beat interesting and unique. For those who doesn’t know much about my brother, Alexandrex lives in Frankfurt, Germany, he plays drums (now the new beast from Roland: TD-30KV V-Drum V-Pro with DW 9000 pedals, it sounds absolutely amazing), and he always takes part from the songwriting and orchestration process too. We played together several years ago in the band “Redwine”, and now we make our music together with our friend Slinky. Now that his drumlab is ready, he can finally start to work on the drum parts of the new songs.

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Introducing Alexandrex
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  • Meszaros Sandor

    I hope, that we will finish our concept album early next year, and we’ll make lots of exciting new songs!

  • That’s just up to us… So, we’ll make it:)