Internet is a useful thing indeed. It opens a door for you. A door to an unimaginable large room. In that room I play the piano, and next to me in the same room sings the singer, who is actually thousands of miles away from me. Enchanting, isn’t it?:)

               We’ve made a new collaboration, this time an intercontinental one, with Brian Bradley. He is an artist from Minnesota. Brian is a photographer, music producer, and he has also published two books, Winter Song, and Glacier National Park. His new debut record “Odyssey” is a concept album about space, interstellar travel, love and separation, and the future of our civilization. Bradley spent the last year and a half recording and producing this collection of ten tracks. One of the featured tracks is “Telescopes”. Last week Brian sent me a message on soundcloud, asked if I would like to make a remix, or rework of this song. I said, “why not?”, and I’ve listened to the song. And it happened:) I played the piano, and somewhere, thousands of miles away he sang his song…

               More of his music, photography and visual work can be seen at

Intercontinental “Telescopes”
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