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                     Athmossmusic is a rock band, founded in 2015, consisting of Imre Meszaros “Athmoss” (keyboardist, singer-songwriter), Antal Bosnyak “Slinky” (guitarist, singer-songwriter), and Sandor Meszaros “Alexandrex” (drums and percussion). The three-piece unit has already graced our pages with their previous releases including the Scorpions-like power ballad, “Melt The Ice”. During February Athmossmusic released their latest single, entitled “Constant Change” which marks a new chapter in their musical journey. The band, who are working on an epic concept album to be released sometime in 2018,  have switched their style more to towards the progressive rock idiom, and this single represents a teaser for their future sounds.

The song was originally written more than 10 years ago in Hungarian by Athmoss, who has now translated the track into English and revisited the arrangement with the artistic support of Slinky and Alexandrex.

The new version is a mesmerizing, spacey voyage that will lift you out of your chair and transport you to an entirely different realm, to be pushed and pulled, turned and shoved in every which way by excellent musicianship, beautiful vocals, trance-inducing synths, fiery guitars, and momentum-pushing drums that will make you forget your existence on planet earth.

Now that that may completely fail to really describe the experience of listening to “Constant Change”, but I will use two words that I think gets closest: near-perfection. This track is almost flawless. It will take more than a few listens for it to fully reveal itself, but once it does, and once you are completely transported into another state of being by this song, you will know what I’m talking about.

It’s not just a straight forward rock song that lays out everything it has to offer on the first listen with nothing else to reveal or learn; the synth ambience is what enables you to transcend everyday rock existence and visit the new Athmossmusic reality. This, my friend, is exactly what makes it so good.

Brilliant and unique, this is Athmossmusic with a completely different story and feel, than on their previous releases. The band have put together a great track that is atmospheric, artful, and explosive, without being over bombastic or pretentious, as sometimes prog-rock can be.

This music is just the right blend of progressive rock with hints of industrial electronic influences. For someone who already knows some songs from the band but wants to expand their music collection, this is a must have. These guys started out on a high note and now it looks like each new release will exceed the one before!

Athmossmusic: “Constant Change” – a completely different story and feel! (Jamsphere Magazine)