Yes, we have a brand new song, and I think it’s a good one:) I think I can call us the Athmossmusic Team or something like that, because we are working day by day better together. Three creative minds, all of us with separate point of view, yet one common vision: to make good music! Slinky from Sweden, with his magical guitar riffs, also singer and songwriter, Alexandrex with his innovative and mostly progressive drum style, and me with all sorts of things with buttons and keys, faders and pots, that can be twisted and played:)

                   Ah yes, I wanted to talk about the song, sorry:))  The song called “Melt the ice” was written by Slinky and I made most of the orchestration, the vocals and the mixing.

                 This is a rock ballad, mostly about the inner struggles in life. I don’t want to write a review here, that will make someone much more competent than me on this topic. I want to tell the song’s story instead. About a month ago, or maybe more, Slinky sent me the demo of this song, recorded only with piano, some strings and vocals. I fell in love with the song on the first listen. I felt that it has a great power and also musically great possibilities in it. There were big decisions to make, because this song could have been sung and orchestrated in many different ways, so as the song itself says “You can choose which is the right way”, we had to make different experiments with the orchestration, also we had to remake several times the guitar and the vocal parts from scratch, we had to try different versions, and then choose which fits best to our vision and of course,  to the song.  Here is the result, and I think, in a few weeks it will be available on most of the large online music platforms.

Athmoss Music presents: “Melt the ice” from Slinky!
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