Athmoss portrait             “Athmoss, born Imre Meszaros is an East European singer-songwriter and music producer. He grew up under the enchantment of Transylvania Romania, where he first discovered his deep love of music. As a child, his first instrument was the accordion and his first songs were traditional Eastern European folk songs. Not satisfied with tradition and wanting more, he looked to find more ways to express himself as a musician. As he grew so did his musical talents and he added the piano and synthesizer to the instruments he played. He also started writing lyrics and music.
Many of his songs have lyrics in his traditional language, Hungarian, but as he found a more international audience he started producing works in English too. He writes and performs with a big rock sound that feels like it should be filling an arena and not just your cars speakers and he seems to specialize in the rock ballad. Some songs even remind people of Guns N’ Roses or Whitesnake, but Athmoss is not a one trick pony and has also collaborated with R&B artists and many other genres to expand upon his musical ideas.

                         Audiences have found his song Father, particular appealing, especially the piano version. The stripped down nature of the single showcases the song writing and Athmoss’ talent as a lyricist, pianist, and vocalist. In the piano version you can hear a lot more clarity in Athmoss’ vocal tone and you get to understand the richness of emotion through the simplicity of the production that is more about showing you the singer songwriter nature of the song than the fancy tricks that can be done in a sound studio.

                       The collection of songs on Déjà Vu has some of the same elements of Father, they are more intimate, and tender. Maybe it is because the songs are in Athmoss’ native language of if they are stories contained in songs, but it is a completely different vibe than songs like Hit It Hard and UR the 1. On occasion there is a bit of jazzy electronica going on in the music, but it feels like a homage to the accordion rather than a throwback to the 80’s The best parts on the album are when there is less going on and you have the moments that are simply piano and voice, in those moments the album sounds like an anthology from a singer songwriter instead of a producer.

                                As Athmoss continues his career we can expect to hear him experiment with more genres and to continue with his unique and boundary busting collaborations.

                          “…Athmoss is a singer-songwriter who mixes and produces his own music in a variety of genres, that goes from classical to rock and electronic music. He also spent some years working as a Radio DJ as well as in the visual media audio post-production sector. Since August 2013 he lives with his wife and his two daughters in Frankfurt, Germany, and collaborates with many artists from all over the world.”   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jamsphere Magazine

–  Discography:
Én a hentes vagyok (1997)
Egyedül (1999)
Mindig fáj (2001)
Déjà Vu: 15 Év Zene (2016)

– Singles:
Father R&B remix
Father (piano version)
I don’t care
I don’t care (dance remix)
Athmossmusic: U R the 1
Athmossmusic: Hit it hard!

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                           62231_433384380044441_1599479100_n[1]         Slinky (Antal Bosnyak)    I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and raised in a small village near the capital. I took guitar in my hands firstly when I was 9. My friends were all older than me, and all wanted to be a guitarist, so I was also infested with this idea 🙂 At first we tried to play on some homemade guitars, then we bought cheap Orpheus models. All of these were a pain to play and also a pain to listen, but we don’t gave up. As the years passed by, I took the music more and more seriously and I bought better and better guitars. My parents were always supported me on my way, even if they did not understand entirely what do I expect from doing my “noise” again and again:)

                      My first “serious” band was the “Onix”, in which I played 20 years long. We’ve made 4 albums, many national tours and concerts. I wrote the songs, and I always performed as a singer-guitarist in the band. In the meantime I was always listening to the actual fresh new music, paying attention to the best guitarists, trying to advance, to be better and better, I was never satisfied with my actual knowledge. By the way this attitude of mine isn’t changed with the time. In 2003, after a great farewell-concert the “Onix” disbanded, and in 2004 I moved to Sweden, Göteborg, where I live now. Not long after my arrive, I’ve find a new way of making music, with my next band the “Candor”. We played melody-oriented rock music just like before with the “Onix”. We’ve played together for four years. At this time I wrote the song “Melt the ice”, and I also started to write my own instrumental guitar songs. As the band broke up I focused more and more to my instrumental creations. In 2010 I moved back to Hungary because of personal reasons, and for a short time I played again in my first band “Onix”. Unfortunately the Hungarian conditions neither musically nor financially were not suitable for building a musical career, so in 2012 I moved again to Sweden.

                   After a short pause, I decided to continue writing and recording new songs, both instrumental and vocal ones, uploading them to all kind of musical websites, and searching for the right people to collaborate with. This way I met Athmoss through soundcloud, and soon we’ve found out that we have lots in common in music and in musical ideas, and shortly after that, we started to work together. In the meantime I had the honor to be sponsored by a Swedish guitar manufacturer company the “Odin Guitars”, and I am still a member of this great team.


2015-06-07 12.21.13            Alexandrex (Sandor Meszaros)I was born in Transylvania, in a mostly musician family. Everyone played on an instrument except me. When I was 16 years old, my favorite band was Slipknot, and I liked very much the drummer, Joey Jordison. Because of him, I wanted to become a drummer. At this time I studied art and painting, but that was no question that I want to be a drummer and I want to learn this thing from the best in the area. My greatest mentor was Jozsef Trendler, who taught me everything about drums and being a drummer. Besides that, I was participating on every drummer workshop, jazz workshop, to learn and advance forward. On one of these workshops I had the opportunity to work together and learn from the legendary Hungarian jazz drummer Elemer Balazs. That was an outstanding experience:)
My first band was the “Purple Stain”, with some friends together. Lots of fun, beautiful memories. We learned together what does it mean playing-, and thinking as a band. After that the next station was the “Red Wine” band. That was one step forward from playing covers in clubs. With some original songs in our repertoire, and with my brother, Athmoss on the keyboards, we’ve made some nice concerts, sometimes for thousands of people. I’ve also worked on some theatrical musical projects, and learned from my favorite drummers like Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, or Marcel Moldovean, Gergö Bollai and Elemer Balazs, who showed to the world that there are also fantastic drummers outside the United States.
Athmossmusic is a long awaited dream for us with Athmoss, who is not just a great musician, songwriter and producer, but also the best brother:) We had the luck to meet with another amazing musician through the internet, Slinky, so I can be a member of an outstanding group of musicians.