I love to work with creative people. Especially when these people have the same idea about things (mostly about music) as me. In the past two years I worked with many new friends, I met new people, we made some great stuff together, and at the end I’ve found myself applying again and again to the same three person’s creativity and help on my musical visions. Why? Because they have the same passion of music, they take the music as seriously as I do, and they want to do always professional work, without compromise, no matter how much time or effort it costs. One of these three men is my brother, Alexandrex, another one is my good friend Slinky, and the third person is Stryfer,  and we’ve founded together the Athmossmusic group,  an international rock band, whose announcement we’ve timed exactly to the release of our first song “U R the 1”. The song itself is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc… for download. It is a powerful rock song written by Slinky. Of course he plays all the guitar parts:) Alexandrex plays the drums, and Stryfer the bass guitar. I have made all the vocal parts, the keys and the mixing, as usually, but the song sounds damn good for another reason.  We are all actively present at all the steps of the recording and mixing stages of the song. We have all creative ideas, and that helps a lot to achieve professional results.

This is the reason why we decided to keep on working together, but as a band: Athmossmusic


A band was born…
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